Get A Free Case For Your Samsung Galaxy Buds Charging Case When You Purchase The Wireless Earbuds

A case for your wireless earbuds charging case is actually a thing. Apple’s AirPods has it. So don’t be surprised that the Samsung Galaxy Buds has it too. Samsung actually has a total of 18 official in-house design ones, incorporating several famous characters thanks to their partnership with the likes of Disney, Marvel, Universal Studio LLC, BT21, Line, and Kakao Friends.

The adorable cases not only serve their purpose of protecting the actual charging case itself, but also have a cool feature up their sleeves that transform the users’ Galaxy phone themes to match the casing itself. They are compatible with both the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Malaysia is currently having a purchase-with-purchase promotion until August 2 in which you can get discounts on the Galaxy Buds Case – which costs RM99 a pop – or even a free case when you purchase the Galaxy Buds+. Below are all the necessary details.

More details about the Galaxy Buds Case can be found here

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