Starting 1st April, All Plus And LPT2 Highways Will Operate RFID Lanes

PLUS Malaysia Bhd (PLUS) will on Wednesday, 1st April 2020 offer the RFID payment facility on all its 83 Closed Toll systems from North to South, including the LPT2 highway along the East Coast.

In line with the Government’s vision of Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF), the RFID on PLUS’s closed systems marks the completion of a fully RFID highway eco-system, which offers consumer the ease of cashless toll transaction, the convenience of instant reload via online banking and e-wallets and free from the hassle of pricey gadgets and the need for batteries to power-up the smart-tags.

PLUS embarked on full Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) since 2017 and the highway industry embraced RFID as a cashless payment system on its Open Toll Highways in August 2018.

The past 36 months has enabled PLUS to harmonise the RFID system with Touch N Go, which lead to the acceptance at all its 10 Open Toll systems in 1st January 2020 and by April 2020, the entire PLUS highway (both Open Toll & Close Toll systems )will accept payment via RFID.

“We anticipate an increase in demand of the RFID, especially among our daily highway customers, which is approximately around 1.7million drivers. With PLUS now offering RFID, the customer journey, which use to be from Juru to Damansara toll, has now been extended into city, KLCC for example and even to urban and sub-urban areas like Wangsa Maju or even Kajang. The journey will be seamless as there is interconnectivity between the intra and intercity highways,” explained Datuk Azman Ismail, Managing Director of PLUS Malaysia Berhad.

“The introduction of toll transactions using RFID technology is in line with the Government’s objective to modernize toll payment and improve highway travel experience through better congestion management at toll plazas as well as promoting smoother passage in anticipation of the Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) which to be implemented in the near future,” added Datuk Azman.

According to Datuk Azman, the move to expand the use of RFID on the PLUS highway meets the current need and expectation of today’s highway customers who demand smoother and hassle-free toll transaction and passage at toll plazas.

“Through RFID, highway customers will no longer have to struggle with their Touch ‘n Go card reload as it can be easily done online through mobile phones and Touch ‘n Go eWallet applications which are directly linked to RFID Tags embedded on vehicles,” he said.

Although toll transactions via RFID is being introduced, toll payments using Touch ‘n Go card and SmartTAG will still be accepted at the toll plazas to facilitate the migration of highway customers towards embracing RFID within this year.

To enable highway customers to use the RFID system for toll transactions, PLUS advises them to quickly install RFID Tag stickers at RFID Fitment Centres nationwide. PLUS highway customers may also visit RFID Fitment Centres provided by Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd for RFID Touch’ n Go stickers.