vivo’s TWS Neo Earphones Is Coming To Malaysia

Do you know that vivo has their own branded true wireless earphones? Now you do, and now you also know that they are coming to Malaysia soon.

vivo Malaysia has announced that they will be bringing their TWS Neo earphones here. No date has been set for now though. The TWS Neo was originally unveiled alongside the flagship X50 Series launch in China.

According to vivo, the TWS Neo features “an extra-large 14.2mm driver unit, CD-standard HD transmissions as well as 3 stereo sound effects – offering sensational sound quality for an ultimate audio experience. Apart from that, the earphones are embedded with an 88ms low latency mode and super-stable wireless connection that guarantee a more reliable and smoother performance for the on-the-go gaming and video calling experience.”

Stay tuned for more info.

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